• Why is it important to have offshore personal bank account during turbulent times?

    Having offshore accounts can provide great benefits and protection during turbulent times, especially if your government has strict capital controls in place, which can limit your ability to move money out of the country in times of urgent need. By opening offshore bank accounts, you can ensure that your assets are not subject to these restrictions and can be accessed when you need them most.

    Additionally, having multiple accounts can provide a mixture of all financial needs: deposit accounts, ATM cards, and long-term to short-term investment accounts, allowing you to diversify and manage your assets across different types of accounts and jurisdictions. This can help protect your wealth and ensure that you have access to funds for everyday expenses, as well as for more long-term financial goals. Overall, having multiple offshore accounts can provide a level of security and flexibility that is especially important during turbulent times.

    The risks of not having multiple offshore accounts during turbulent times include a higher risk of loss due to economic or political instability in any one country or region, as well as a lack of flexibility in terms of currency and asset allocation. Additionally, if you rely on a single bank or jurisdiction for your offshore banking needs, you may be more vulnerable to changes in banking regulations or political risks.

  • How many offshore accounts should I have?

    The number of offshore accounts that you should have will depend on your individual circumstances, financial goals, and the selection of region and jurisdiction. In general, it is advised to have at least two offshore accounts across different jurisdictions to ensure diversification and protection against economic and political risks.

    In the past, countries like the USA, UK, Hong Kong, and Switzerland were among the top choices for offshore accounts. However, as global geopolitics change, it’s important to identify more neutral or friendly areas such as South East Asia and Middle East for your accounts.

    Furthermore, having investments platforms in various jurisdictions can offer more attractive rates and transaction fees. For example, having an account in Europe would typically lower transaction fees when trading European stocks. Ultimately, the decision of how many offshore accounts to have will depend on your specific circumstances and financial goals. It’s important to seek professional advice to determine the best strategy for your unique situation.

  • Is it legal to have multiple offshore accounts?

    Yes, it is legal to have multiple offshore accounts, as long as you comply with all relevant tax and regulatory requirements. It is important to work with a trusted advisor to ensure that you are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Can I use my offshore bank account for online transactions or withdrawing cash from ATM?

    Yes, if your bank offer such services, you can use your offshore bank account for everyday transactions, but you may need to consider the fees and exchange rates associated with international transactions. Additionally, some banks may offer debit cards or other payment options for easier access to your funds. The banks that our firm recommend offer: bank account, debit card, trading platforms for bonds, stocks, crypto currencies, forex and other financial products, android and apple pay.

  • What are the rates and minimum deposit required for offshore personal bank accounts?

    The rates and minimum deposit requirements may vary depending on the bank and the type of accounts. Usually there are 2 levels: ordinary (lower) and private banking (higher).  In addition to minimum deposit requirements, there may be ATM service charges, trading commissions, monthly or annual maintenance charges, foreign exchange charges, and receiving or withdrawal charges. It is important to review the fee schedule before opening an account to ensure that you understand the costs associated with the account. You can find this information on the bank’s website or by contacting the bank directly.

  • What are the documents and information needed for opening an offshore bank account in the USA, Switzerland, Singapore, and Malaysia?

    The specific requirements may vary depending on the bank and the jurisdiction, but generally, you will need to provide A: Specific requirements may vary by bank and jurisdiction, but in general, you will need to provide:
    1. Tax ID
    2. Passport PDF (data page and signature page)
    3. ID card PDF (front and back)
    4. Proof of address in 2 PDF documents, either 2 from: water, electricity, gas, ground telephone (not including mobile phone) bills, bank statements or credit card statements
    5. Name and address of employer

  • Can I open an offshore bank account remotely, without visiting the bank in person?

    It depends on the bank and the jurisdiction. Some banks may allow you to open an account remotely through online or email application, while others may require you to visit the bank in person. It is important to check with the bank beforehand to determine their specific requirements. But for the banks that our firm recommends, the bank will conduct a new customer interview through video call, and no physical visit at the bank is needed.

  • How can I open an offshore personal bank account?

    To open an offshore personal bank account, you can typically visit the bank’s website and follow the instructions provided for account opening. These instructions may include filling out an application form, providing identification documents and proof of address, and meeting any minimum deposit requirements. It is important to carefully review the application instructions and provide all required documentation to ensure a smooth account opening process. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact the bank directly for assistance.

  • Can your law firm assist me in opening an offshore bank account?

    Yes, our law firm provides a range of services related to opening offshore bank accounts, including assistance with account opening, recommending banks, causing the bank to contact you, compliance, regulatory advice and other legal advice. We have established a working network with the following banks for the opening of bank accounts: –
    USA: Charles Schwab Bank
    – U.S. banking and financial trading license, financial industry authoritative evaluation FITCH Rating at A+, F1 (good)
    – Personal bank account with ATM debit card, that supports multiple remittance methods including SWIFT/SEPA/SIX transfer, bank credit card payment
    – U.S. stock market and securities trading platform, non-leveraged investment that can invest in bonds, stocks, indexes, futures and other investments
    – Flexible and easy remittance
    – Deposit protection under U.S. law, minimum protection USD250,000.00
    – Account management via web, iOS and Android apps
    – Convert currency at the interbank exchange rate
    – 0% Commission (US Stocks, Forex, Bonds and other qualifying trades)
    – Min. deposit: USD25,000.00
    Switzerland: Dukascopy Bank
    – Multi-currency bank account and ATM card: Swiss banking and foreign exchange trading license
    – Trading platform account: Latvian cryptocurrency and financial product trading license
    – Accounts in 23 different currencies, cryptocurrencies and gold with free transfers
    – CHF 100’000 deposit protection
    – Multiple payment and remittance methods: SWIFT/SEPA/SIX transfer, bank credit card payment, Skrill and Neteller transfer
    – Unleveraged investments in oil, gold, BTC, ETH, stock indices and other investments
    – Account management via web, iOS and Android apps
    – Send and receive money using your phone number
    – Convert currency at the interbank exchange rate
    – Ability to link accounts to cryptocurrency exchanges
    – Min. deposit: USD1,000.00
    Singapore: Standard Chartered Bank
    – Multi-currency bank accounts, investment accounts and ATM cards
    – Singapore banking and financial transaction license, financial industry authoritative evaluation FITCH Rating at A+, F1 (good)
    – Unleveraged investments that can buy and sell bonds, stocks, stock indices and other investments
    – Full bank account and trading platform with reasonable fees
    – S$75,000 deposit protection
    – Our firm can assist in finding suitable account opening referees (Singapore citizens) to initiate the account opening process
    – The first remittance of remittance to Singapore SGD must be transferred in the name of the individual, and then you can use close relatives or other channels
    – Min. deposit: SGD200,000.00
    Labuan, Malaysia: WAFII BANK
    – Full online bank private account, no physical card
    – Malaysia Labuan Online Banking License
    – Low fees, low exchange rates
    – Malaysia’s Labuan financial policy is stable, the diplomatic strategy is to maintain neutrality, and signed bilateral tax treaties with many countries
    – Convenient to transfer money to other countries or Malaysian bank accounts

    We can provide assistance in opening an offshore bank account remotely in the USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Jersey of the UK and Labuan of Malaysia. We can help you navigate the requirements and provide guidance throughout the application process. Read here for more details.
    – Min. deposit: USD1,000.00
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