Areas of Practice

Trademark & Intellectual Property

  • Enforcement
  • Publishing Agreement
  • Anti-Counterfeit/Anti-Piracy Services
  • Registration of Trademark
  • Registration of Patent
  • Registration of Industrial Design

L Y Lu & Co’s Intellectual Property practice advises clients on developing successful and com-prehensive IP strategies by protecting, managing, asserting, defending, enforcing and leverag-ing their IP assets. We specialise in enforcement in: (1) copyright related to software, films, TV series, book publishing and other entertainment products; and (2) trademark infringement and other offences under Trade Descriptions Act 1972.

The Firm is also involved in numerous cases of enforcement of Intellectual Property, both pur-suing and defending. Our approach combines thorough preparation before enforcement, coop-eration with enforcement authority, aggressive representation at trial, effective argument on appeal, and skilled negotiation to achieve competitive goals.

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