Ong Mun Siong


Mun Siong joined Messrs L Y Lu & Co in 2010 after working with Messrs Sidek Teoh Wong & Dennis for a tenure of almost 4 years practicing largely on areas of conveyancing, banking and commercial laws. During his tenure with that firm, he gained much experience in commercial and consumer banking and real estate transactions of which including the purchase, sale, leasing and financing of residential, industrial, retail and office properties. Mun Siong is also experienced in the area of the acquisition, development, financing and sale of commercial property.

Mun Siong is presently appointed as legal adviser for some of our business partners in providing them corporate advisory services including legal procedure consultation, current government policy and legal documentation in perfecting their corporate transactions.

Mun Siong was admitted into Malaysian Bar in 2006 after 11 years of military service with the Malaysian Armed Forces which earned him the rank of Captain. During the career as a military officer, Mun Siong was appointed as a member of court martial and also worked as defence council in the court martial proceedings. Mun Siong received his Bachelor of Laws from University of London in 2004 and Certificate of Legal Practice in 2005.